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From: Will Pearson (
Date: Tue Apr 23 2002 - 05:49:42 MDT

Greetings from Bristol

> > I don't understand the context of this statement. If you

I said this because I didn't mention magic at all in my post. Or anything approaching, magic.
I basically think that we are starting from different background assumptions, and arriving at different conclusions.

> ONE of the characteristics of a seed AI is that it is a self-improving
> system.

My question was to find out whether the self-improvement was hard coded in the AI or because of the goal. The goal of becoming something that can guide humanity through transcendance would naturally enough be self-improving. However one that simply had to add two numbers together would one day realise that the best way it could add numbers together and realise it's super goal would be to change itself into a very efficient adding machine.

By the way I am talking about seedai pre-hard takeoff. So no nano tech changing the world to adding machines. I doubt a system with the super goal of adding numbers would get/want enough input from the outside world in order to invent nano-tech. What people in the Evolutionary Computation world would call a deceptive problem.

Why was I cautioning him against thinking that his is the only way. Beacause I have said I am working on something that is related to his ideas of recursive self-improvement. And he dismisses my statements without asking me about my theories/system.

Having read some of the archives this list seems very hostile to any memes that try to suggest any other scenario than Friendly Ai/sysop. I had hoped that this would be a place for all future shock. But it doesn't seem to be. For example I haven't found a single thread that has been fully discussing a different way to the singularity apart from sysop. Any threads that have been started are all destroyed by the sysop memes, they are not given constructive criticism. This is what I feel, I may be wrong.

However this is still an interesting place.


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