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From: Michael Roy Ames (
Date: Wed Apr 03 2002 - 15:15:05 MST

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Subject: Re: Reverse shock level

> I think "the singularity" will either be some totally arbitrary mile
> which in retrospect will appear small, or some phantom image in front of
> that we'll continually redefine as "now plus a little more".

The Singularity will be when we can extend our lives indefinitely.
(See explaination below).

> I feel I've wasted years.

(Sigh) Me too.
Let's not waste any more of them.

> How do you shake a blind spot?
> Have you ever sat up straight and realized you've been hunched over
> your keyboard in an uncomfortable position for who knows how long, leaning
> you monitor for no apparent reason?

This is not a blind spot, it is *focusing* on a task. I understand this
well. I *know* I have a limited intellect (that really bugs me), but my one
advantage over others that seem smarter than I is: persistence. I can get
more done, in less time, than almost anyone I know (admittedly not a whole
lot of people), because I focus on the task at hand, and I stick with it
until it is done. The really annoying part is: I only have a limited number
of years to focus on a infinite number of fantastic things this universe
dishes up.

I want more time!

If I had an unlimited amount of life time, then I am *certain* that I
personally could deliver to you a fully transhuman AI, and complete suites
of Nanotech tools. But my time is limited... I just am not smart enough to
do it in a ~50 year effective span of regular-human-thinking-time.
Currently we all have to make do with one lump of neurons each, a lump that
will eventually stop working. Hopefully, by working in teams, we can
contribute enough focused-thinking to reach the Singularity before many more
of us kick the bucket.

Incidentally, this is one area that AI, even pre-human AI, will really shine
in: focusing on a problem, and hammering away at it until it is solved... as
has been pointed out by several others.

Keep focusing, polysync. Focusing helps get you where you want to be.

Michael Roy Ames.

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