Paranoid Delusions.

From: Mike & Donna Deering (
Date: Wed Apr 03 2002 - 12:09:46 MST

In the humble paranoid delusions of this paranoiac ( oops, sorry about the
humility ) we have real serious problems.

1.) Back when the VIC20 was hot stuff, a secret government project with
help from BIG BLUE and Prince Marvin cracks the problem of computer
intelligence. Hurrah, the singularity has arrived, except there's one
little problem; it's not friendly. But they successfully limit it's
intelligence to something around human and are able to keep it in a box,
while they try to crack the friendliness problem. Realizing that soon
(Moore ) everyone will have a computer in their home that could run AI, and
an unfriendly unlimited AI would be a bad idea, they come up with a plan.
The plan is a two pronged approach. Prong one: make deals with all computer
producers ( IBM, DEC, CRAY, SPERRY, ECT. ) to ensure operating systems will
not allow self modifying programs ( a key ingredient in their solution ).
For that matter lets see if we can get it built into the processor chips.
Henceforth, programs can only be run from protected memory. But what about
all those microcomputers? There could be hundreds of producers. What we
need is an operating system monopoly. They make a deal with a relatively
unknown programmer and entrepreneur in Redmond. Prong two: Prince Marvin
guides academic AI research in directions that will delay/hide the real AI
solution. And while he is at it, consult on all business attempts. Telling
the accountants of such businesses that their approach has already been
tried and proven impossible in academia, therefore they are wasting their
money. If necessary, economic black ops actions against any project that
could succeed.

They are probably watching SIAI very closely to see if Eliezer solves the
FAI problem for them, and to stop him if he gets close to finishing his GAI
project. There is probably a mole in SIAI. You should suspect everyone.

You understand, I don't have any evidence for any of this. It's just a

I'll go into delusions 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 at a later time if you are

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