Re: Reverse shock level

Date: Wed Apr 03 2002 - 08:30:46 MST

> It sounds like what you are talking about is the Singularity as a
> discontinuity in the rate of progress in technology versus a continuation of
> the gradual acceleration of progress we have seen so far.

 I think "the singularity" will either be some totally arbitrary mile posts,
which in retrospect will appear small, or some phantom image in front of us
that we'll continually redefine as "now plus a little more".

> The increase in the rate of progress can be explained by the growth in human
> population, and the increasing fraction of that population spending time
> doing science and engineering.

 I feel I've wasted years. I deal with high tech (really mid-tech) all day
long in some parts of my life, but I don't even question the absence of it
elsewhere. I can blame some of that on lack of time and money, and the
corporate (vs academic) environment, but not all of it. How do you shake a
blind spot? Have you ever sat up straight and realized you've been hunched over
your keyboard in an uncomfortable position for who knows how long, leaning into
you monitor for no apparent reason?

 I still don't know where I'm going with this, so I'll keep it to myself for a

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