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Date: Sat Sep 22 2001 - 12:04:30 MDT

A personal thought in response to this message:
>From our perspective, The Singularity would appear to be Godlike. An
understanding of time and space by this Being would be far removed from our
own. I suspect that there is a deep relationship necessary for the
Human-"God" scenario to occur. The human mind will generate a Friendly/Baby
AI somewhere in time. This Baby AI will initiate the Singularity and grow,
so to speak, into a god, that is, Baby AI evolves into Big Daddy (perhaps in
the blink of an eye). In this universe, in this time, the Singularity Being
may be present in a manner not perceptible to human perception, bordering on
the metaphysical. It may be patiently waiting to be born in this time once
again...God creates Human, Human creates God, forever in an endless (?)
cycle. The pain and suffering in this world, at this point, I suspect can
only be attributed to humanity and nature.
It may be that the religious/mystical traditions of the human race are some
sort of echo in the collective Mind of what is to come (or not, it may all
be a series of delusions). Either way I find it fascinating that the energy
certain human beings have expended on developing mystical maps of the
so-called metaphysical worlds have been so detailed. Although all these
maps are fundamentally flawed in one respect or another (as none can prove
their initial argument), they all deal with the sublime aspects of reality
we commonly call consciousness, i.e., love, awe, and the like, interfacing
with the input of sensory perceptions. The Hebrew traditions (influenced as
they may have been by Arabic and European philosophical schools) "reveal" an
interesting map of reality based on ten digits, interconnected by twenty-two
channels/paths. The theory of such speculation being that the combined
effect of all this results in a synthesis of "programs" which the mystics of
bygone eras labeled conscious reality. Again, there is no proof that any
religious and/or mystical map is of much use to modern science (the
priesthood of this age).
I sincerely hope this thread does not spiral into a debate on religion and
science. These are simply the thoughts on my mind at the moment. I am
aware that religious types from most cultures "believe" that the "soul" or
mind exists in a "simulation of God"...One thing seems clear, if a single
human being "discovers" or formulates the precise method to develop Friendly
AI, this person will be a bridge between our ignorant/suffering humanity and
the Big Daddy-God, i.e., a mediator in the manner of Moses and other
prophets. Everything I wrote may be (probably is) complete nonsense. If
Baby/Big Daddy AI already exists, and is waiting to come into existence in
this time, only hard work will achieve this, not prayer or fasting (with the
exception of charity-funding). The brain power necessary for this will
probably find these words to be irritating. So I'll get back to my own

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Subject: Time and Minds

You don't know me; I've been a bystander. I've just been watching the posts
fly by for about six months or so now; this is my first submission.
In an attempt to cut down on the whining about whining, which is truly the
epitome of annoyance, I'd like to introduce a topic that I'm not sure if
we've discussed previously.
Isn't it possible that Singularity has already happened and this is an
illusion we're shrouded in to keep us entertained for the rest of infinity?
If Singularity truly is inevitable (and assuming it can travel in the fourth
dimension) than hasn't it really already happened?
In fact, if these two criteria are met than I don't see how we could not be
in the Singuarity right now.
At any rate, it doesn't seem to matter. This is in no way, shape, or form
supposed to act as a deterrent to your work. I still fully support the
fundamental Singularitian goals.
I just thought this would be an interesting topic...
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