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From: James Rogers (
Date: Thu Sep 20 2001 - 19:36:43 MDT

What I meant was that if the Expert System was capable of knowing what to do
without me spelling everything out in excruciating detail, it would already
be an AI. There are metric buttloads of context that you are ignoring. If
you tell a human programmer to "write a word processor" and nothing more,
you will get a reasonable facsimile of a word processor that operates and
has features in a manner that you find fairly consistent with your
conception of what a word processor is supposed to have and works the way
you expect a word processor to work. Any expert system that could produce a
word processor based on the specification of "write a word processor" would
be some very advanced software indeed. An expert system isn't going to have
any abstract concept of all the standard components of a word processor and
how they should work together, though an AI might.

-James Rogers

On 9/20/01 4:20 PM, "Simon McClenahan" <> wrote:
> I'll assume by "programming is not enough" you are talking about architecture
> and design. That knowledge could be programmed or hard-coded in as well.
> Object-oriented design patterns and architecture patterns can be programmed in
> to the system. The system can then detect OO design patterns in existing code
> (especially itself). Perform some refactoring on itself, or try to
> "supercompile" itself, perform profiling and ask a human programmer to help
> optimize hotspots or recommend faster hardware.
> As for understanding the design goals, that is the job of the human
> programmers
> of the Expert System. The programming domain specific human programmer experts
> enter in their knowledge of programming. The design goals would probably be
> categorized into resource optimization (CPU speed, network latency), design
> patterns, algorithms, data structures, etc. A rule would look like "if
> algorithm
> A is a bottleneck then use algorithm B with data structure X as a component of
> design pattern P"
> Maybe it would be easier if we got the best known NLP parsers to assist and
> help
> input rules into the engine.
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>> How would you make it understand the specifications and design goals of what
>> you want it to write? Knowing how to program isn't enough.
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