Re: "Someone ought to do something" posts

From: Brian Phillips (
Date: Thu Sep 20 2001 - 18:16:04 MDT

Simon says (hehe)
Regarding writing articles about The Singularity, they seem to be oriented
towards an elite SL4 group. How about introductory texts or summaries that
appeal to the other levels, all the way down to SL0? The purpose of writing
about The Singularity is to increase understanding by all humans, not just
SL4. Ideally, the more people at the SL4 level, the more resources we have
achieving the rest of our goals towards the Singularity.>>

 obviously I can't speak for Eli (he talk pretty damn good heself)
but I suspect the pat response here goes something along the lines
  "The rescources to assist people at various Shock Levels already
exist a plenty. Be it normal science fiction, science education, or
various stock transhumanist essays etc. The materials about the
list seem to focus on an SL4 perspective because that's where the
tip of the spear is. Various people at SL3 (like me) just require
repeated exposure to SL4 concepts till they get over their
mental blocks. The other Shock Levels have their own exponents.
If We waste time duplicating effort already made by others then we
retard the Needful Work of actualizing a safe sane Singularity etc. etc."

Or so I would guess. I'm still trying to cope with large cities and
the tradeoff between having lots of trees around at the end of the
day and having lots of money. :) SL3 (with occasional SL(-2)


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