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At 6:03 PM -0500 9/20/01, Simon McClenahan wrote:
>I would like to
>make some comments on your short list of tasks though:

This was intended to be a very general list, almost tongue-in-check
with my very broad items. The real thing, while it will include
broad goals, there will be of course more specific ones. I was, in
large part, asking for items in the hopes that folks who are more
involved in this might be able to give me some more specifics.

> > * Get funding!!!
>This is definately worthy of a new discussion thread or even a new
>forum set up

I think the other list *is* about this and more real world, practical stuff.

> > * Write articles about Singularity related topics to make sure they
> > are fully understood (for example, take some involved discussion on
>> this list, sort out the conclusions, and write it up in a coherent
>> manner).
>This one truly makes me cringe. As much as I appreciate the in-depth
>and the papers being written, I am personally overwhelmed by it all
>to the point
>of feeling useless, and one could assume that most lurkers are too.
>Maybe it is
>more of a presentation issue. Not enough pictures and diagrams, and too many

There are some diagrams deep inside CFAI. And my paper has a table in it. :-)

> > * [Your items here].
>Regarding writing articles about The Singularity, they seem to be oriented
>towards an elite SL4 group. How about introductory texts or
>summaries that would
>appeal to the other levels, all the way down to SL0? The purpose of writing
>about The Singularity is to increase understanding by all humans, not just the
>SL4. Ideally, the more people at the SL4 level, the more resources we have to
>achieving the rest of our goals towards the Singularity.

There are already folks doing this. We need both Ben Franklins and
Thomas Paines.

(For those of you who don't understand this, read these quotes:

"Where freedom is, there is my home," said Benjamin Franklin.

"Where freedom is not, there is mine," responded Thomas Paine.)

>I guess this falls under the category of persuasion techniques and people
>management. Hold a competition, a sweepstakes, and most importantly,
>find small
>easy tasks that you can hook people in to the cause so that you can
>ask them to
>contribute slightly more again next time. Don't ever expect anyone to see
>"create complex procedure" and expect them to have it done 6 months later.

Well, managing an open source project, this isn't quite the way it
works. Occasionally, someone comes along with some little fix they
initiated on their own. The rest of the time, in my experience, the
project moves along by the focused efforts of a single developer. In
fact, I am probably the *only* person on the project who could
complete most of the small tasks because the small tasks usually
require lots of knowledge about the whole system (that is, if I have

>I'm also curious as to what certain people's day jobs are, and how they manage
>their time to balance work on the Singularity and the rest of "real life".

I guess I fail to see how this would help anyone. All of us manage
our time in different ways; you have to figure out your own way to
balance the Singularity with the rest of your life.
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