[sl4] Friendly AI and Enterprise Resource Management

From: Mindaugas Indriunas (inyuki@gmail.com)
Date: Tue Oct 05 2010 - 14:11:16 MDT

It might be that one of the best ways to bring about the friendly AI is by
trying to be very rational about one's own actions, defining one's own goal
of life, and doing it in such a way that the resulting goal would be the
objective good; and consequently designing a resource management system to
automate and optimize one's own resource management decision making to
achieve personal prosperity, which is identical to the prosperity of

Resource management is what almost every company is doing, and larger
companies use sophisticated resource planning software for that. It is
entirely possible to apply machine learning algorithms to automate
increasingly many company decisions by analysis of data being collected in
such systems, and it seems likely that that some hi-tech companies are
already doing that, effectively creating AI-augmented corporations.

However, corporations have been observed to conduct unethically, and not
benevolently, and there is no guarantee of responsibility, sentience and
friendliness of corporations in general. It is not entirely clear what
particular goals is a particular corporation's automated business decision
making systems are driven by.

Recently, I had an opportunity to see how resource planning software can be
useful for a company's goal tracking, and to start working on my own system
to help me manage my own resources to succeed in life.

It is a very interesting field of research, because it is possible to adapt
the newest machine learning algorithms to automatize one's own decision
making process.

However, instead of secretly doing one's own personal system to achieve
personal goals, I think - for the sake of creating a friendly AI - it could
be much better to develop such a system in open-source fashion, with a goal
that's acceptable and desirable by all.

I'd like to know, is anyone on this list is doing or thinking something
along these lines?

Mindaugas Indriƫnas

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