Re: [sl4] New Singularity FAQ

From: Kaj Sotala (
Date: Sun Feb 21 2010 - 00:07:37 MST

On Sun, Feb 21, 2010 at 2:59 AM, Thomas McCabe <> wrote:
> This Singularity FAQ was co-authored by myself and Kaj Sotala. It is
> not intended to be an introduction to the Singularity; rather, it is
> intended to answer the questions of those who have already heard about
> the Singularity, but still have questions about some of the issues.
> Please feel free to send me comments if you think there are bits that
> could be improved.

Also, it's still a work in progress: many of the questions still have
far shorter answers than I'd like. But now that it was made public,
hopefully that will give me the incentive to finally get around to
improving it to such a degree that I consider it finished. :-)

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