Re: [sl4] Friendly AI in the media: Terminator, the Sarah Connor Chronicles

From: Vladimir Nesov (
Date: Thu Feb 19 2009 - 18:43:21 MST

On Fri, Feb 20, 2009 at 1:50 AM, Michael Anissimov
<> wrote:
> Can someone give me the gist of what happened? Are there any online
> transcripts?
> Did you watch the rest of the whole thing? No other FAI-relevant material
> whatsoever? Man, TV is such crap.
> I know they are making 3 more Terminator movies. Hopefully some of
> Eliezer's writings will be required reading for the actors, but I somehow
> doubt it.

A christian character preaches to the AI, after AI killed his
psychologist predecessor. The boss on AI's development assigned him to
this task to make AI behave better. Programmers supporting the AI
don't understand how it's developing, which is what the psychologist
was initially brought about, to interpret AI's behavior. Later this
season AI was given unlimited access to the Internet and a terminator

Vladimir Nesov

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