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From: Michael Anissimov (
Date: Thu Feb 19 2009 - 17:09:43 MST

Oh man, I have some really really old #sl4 logs, really really old as in
2002, I'm looking at them right now and see Justin and me on there... heh,
yes, this period of time is super-nostalgic in the extreme. This is my
childhood right here.

Oct 17 20:47<observer> I thought of an idea that might be worthwhile for
a Singularity fanfic.
Oct 17 20:48<outlawpoet> singularity Fanfic?
Oct 17 20:49<outlawpoet> doesn't there have to be an original work of
fiction for fanfiction to be possible?
Oct 17 20:49<ChrisRovner> There is, afaik
Oct 17 20:51<ChrisRovner> So what's your idea?
Oct 17 20:51<observer> How about a story describing a future in which the
US government, in an alliance with Microsoft, was capable of monitoring
(almost) all the computers in the world, and where AI was outlawed, and
Eliezer led a rebel group of Singularitarians who planned to code a seed AI
using illegal, homemade computers, built from spare parts.
Oct 17 20:51<mjr> sure
Oct 17 20:52<outlawpoet> heh
Oct 17 20:52<outlawpoet> you should probably use a generic lead character
rather than "Eliezer with a capital E"

Oct 19 08:30<MichaelA> why is everyone so interested in a conversation
about God?
Oct 19 08:30<MichaelA> I wonder

Oct 22 02:57<MichaelA> Hm, so what sort of things were accomplished in
the past week?
Oct 22 02:59<ChrisRovner> Not much, that I know. That's a good question.
I think I should be asking it more often
Oct 22 02:59<MichaelA> Yep
Oct 22 02:59<MichaelA> In fact, I could ask "what sort of things were
accomplished in the past year"
Oct 22 02:59<MichaelA> I've been a "Singularitarian" for a year
Oct 22 02:59<MichaelA> Very little has been accomplished

Wow, I sound like sort of a bitch. Seriously though, I don't want my
teenagehood splattered everywhere... I'll send a few logs to Bryan and if
anyone else is *really* interested (preferably if you were there) I may
send, but there's really not that much of interest on there except inside

If anyone that was there really wants me to keep the logs to myself, then I
let me know and I'll respect your wishes... btw I know someone out there has
ALL the logs, don't they?

Michael Anissimov
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