Re: [sl4] Personal identity (was Re: A teleporter)

From: Stuart Armstrong (
Date: Tue Feb 10 2009 - 03:07:37 MST

>> The patern - and some other things more. Essentially I take my
>> expectations about the futures, my ambitions, and my relationships
>> with other to be part of me. If my hardware is changed, then these
>> things will also be changed as well. So I feel there is a personal
>> identity cost to uploading, and an even bigger one to multiple
>> copying.
> But your relationships with the other part of you, I'm not sure I understand
> what you mean...

Foolish, foolish - I mangle my syntax, and yet you can't be bothered
to unmangle it and figure out what the hell I meant :-)

What I meant was, my relationship with otherS, other people. To pick
one example at random, my relationship with my wife is strongly
connected with sex; take sex out of the equation (or replace it with
some high tech substitute), and the relationship changes.

> How sure are you of this?
> Your expectations of the future, and ambitions should remain the same.

No. Uploaded, in a digital medium, possibly with the ability to copy
myself at will, and definetly with a very different senses input,
different speed of reasoning, and interacting differently with
different people - I'd be extremely surprised if my ambitions and
expectations stayed anything like they were.


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