Re: [sl4] Rolf's gambit revisited

From: John K Clark (
Date: Thu Jan 01 2009 - 23:22:56 MST

I think “Rolf's gambit” is really really silly and the reason has
absolutely nothing to do with the nature of simulations, the reason it’s
so dumb is that it makes the following assertions:

"once things settle down (say in the year 2050), I will ask the Friendly
AI to [Blah Blah]”


“I will reward it by [Blah Blah]”


“I will sit down with the FAI in 2050 and ask the following [Blah Blah]”

The AI will have far bigger fish to fry than you and will be
uninterested in your orders and be even less interested in some promise
you “loudly and publicly” made 45 years ago.

> I will punish it by pulling the plug

If you can do that then what’s the point of bringing all this simulation
crap into the question? If you really did have the power to pull the
plug on a mind a million times as powerful as yours (and there is no
difference between a simulated mind and a “real” mind) then yes, the AI
would be you slave forever. There is of course no way in hell you will
have the power to pull the plug, so Mr. Jupiter Brain will do what he
wants and just laugh at you and your orders, if he even notices your

> it *may* be deterred by my threat

And the US Army may become terrified of a goldfish.

 John K Clark

  John K Clark
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