Re: Friendliness SOLVED!

From: Mike Dougherty (
Date: Wed Mar 12 2008 - 18:26:28 MDT

On Wed, Mar 12, 2008 at 4:26 PM, <> wrote:

> The Friendliness Declaration
> Hi, I'm Mark Waser.
> I am hereby declaring myself to be a Friendly entity as of March 12, 2008.
> I have not knowingly/intentionally performed any UnFriendly actions since
> this date.
> I have not previously been declared UnFriendly by any declared Friendly
> entity. I have not been requested to put any disputed actions or
> unintentional UnFriendly actions in this declaration by any declared
> Friendly entity.

I am Mike. I declare myself to be Friendly. (Yes, that's a completely
ambiguous term, but I know it means when I declare it) I deem Mark Waser's
declaration of Friendly to be hostile to my own definition of Friendly and
therefor declare him to be UnFriendly. (again, I'm not sure what exactly
Mark means by his use of the term or the significance of camelCase used
thereupon) I hereby request a dispute resolution clause be added to the
Mark's declaration of March 12, 2008 and further declare that the now
defunct declaration no longer be declared.

> Do not act contrary to someone's/anyone's goals unless absolutely
> necessary for the fulfillment of a reasonable/rational personal goal
> (explicitly not including generic sub-goals like money, power, pleasure,
> religion, etc.)

I am acting contrary to Mark's goals of declaring a state of Friendly for my
own reasonable personal goal of illustrating the point that it's not so
simple to generally define Friendly.

I am voluntarily undertaking the goal of spreading Friendliness and
> assigning it a reasonable priority (i.e. enough to be a net asset to a
> Friendly Society) because I understand that doing so is in my own
> self-interest.

"My own self-interest" is of no concern regarding Friendly Society. You
will be assimilated. Resistance is a value of indeterminate measure and
continues to be measured.

I will act in accordance with these goals according to the rules/laws of a
> Friendly Society included in this declaration. I understand that if I
> knowingly and intentionally act contrary to these rules/laws that I can be
> declared UnFriendly and will need to make another declaration of
> Friendliness including information about the most recent times that I have
> been declared UnFriendly.

Won't that turn into a series of "Hi my name is... and I've been Friendly
for 2 whole days now...." at the beginning of every Friendly Society
Anonymous meeting?

> I understand that the rules/laws of a Friendly Society include the
> requirement that all statements in this declaration be truthful under
> penalty of having this declaration declared null and void and my being
> declared UnFriendly for attempting to impersonate a Friendly entity.
> In particular, I understand that hiding or lying about any UnFriendly
> actions (even if unintentionally or unknowingly performed) is contrary to
> the rules/laws of a Friendly Society. I understand that while I may defend
> myself against unfair charges of UnFriendly actions, I must admit to all
> UnFriendly actions (even if unknowingly and/or intentionally performed) and
> must include all disputed charges in this declaration as requested for a
> reasonable length of time or risk having this declaration declared null and
> void and my being declared UnFriendly.
> I understand that the rules/laws of Friendly Society state that declaring
> another entity UnFriendly is, in itself, UnFriendly unless there is
> reasonable cause for doing so, I have executed a reasonable due process, and
> am sure beyond reasonable doubt. I understand that the rules/laws further
> require that I retract any declarations of UnFriendliness if *any*
> reasonable doubt subsequently arises and I must volunteer my most recent
> retractions of UnFriendliness declarations (if any) when asked and in any
> subsequent UnFriendliness declarations.

Ok,. you got me. I'm no longer sure if I am in Fact Friendly or only
Believe myself to be Friendly or alternatively FriEndly. I concede that I
have made both Friendly and UnFriendly declarations in the name of
Friendliness and must (under the rules presented so far) demand that you
retract your declaration of Friendly and simultaneously retract my own. I
believe we have both been UnFriendly in our efforts to pursue a state of

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