Re: How to make a slave (many replies )

From: Harry Chesley (
Date: Sun Nov 25 2007 - 22:02:00 MST

Thomas McCabe wrote:
> If you want to build a generally intelligent AI, it had better darn
> be Friendly, or Very Bad Things (tm) are going to happen.

This is where I rub my hands together and chortle?

> *Why* would anyone build an anthropomorphic AI? It would be a huge
> amount of extra work, for no palpable gain, at a great risk to the
> planet.

They said the same thing about graphical user interfaces. Well, except
for the last part.

> I've read all the posts I've responded to, but this thread alone has
> dozens of posts, there's no real point to reading them all.


Anyway, I think we've both made our points. You think any
anthropomorphic elements of a GAI are either unlikely or dangerous. I
think it's possible that we evolved the way we did because it works
well, not due to the special circumstances faced by homo sapiens, and
therefore some elements may repeat in a GAI.

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