Re: The Meaning That Immortality Gives to Life

From: Lee Corbin (
Date: Sun Oct 21 2007 - 15:10:07 MDT

Norman writes

> These are the kind of problems you WANT to have.
> If we all become immortal, superintelligent entities,
> and the best thing you can think of is to stare at a
> wall, I'd be glad to entertain you in return for your
> support in my enterprises.

Yes, heh, heh.

> I guess the idea is that up to a certain level of sophistication,
> life gets more and more complicated, but then beyond that
> it gets simplified again until we're all just beings of pure
> energy with nothing to do. This strikes me as a failure of
> imagination.

For sure!

> "self-actualization", the capstone on maslow's pyramid of needs,
> is really a pandora's box which explodes into all kinds of
> crazy crap. If boredom is problem #1, I will be pleasantly
> surprised to say the least.

What about the observation that over all history, our lives keep
getting better and better? And shouldn't they get better yet
when we have a great deal of conscious control over how we
feel? I do agree that humans will come up with unnecessary
turmoil and travail---but even now, at the end of the day they
always retire to their comfortable abodes.

So I don't know why you'd be *pleasantly* surprised. As for
me, as I said in an earlier post, it's hardly conceivable that anyone
will experience boredom---except for a few inquiring minds
doing research on how primitive people used to feel.


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