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Not only I alone think about dangers of SETI:

The Ultimate Hacker:
SETI signals may need to be decontaminated1
Richard A. Carrigan, Jr.
Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory
Box 500 MS 306
Batavia, IL 60510, USA
Biological contamination from space samples is a remote but accepted possibility1.
Signals received by searches for extraterrestrial intelligence (SETI) could also contain
harmful information in the spirit of a computer virus. There have been many searches for
extraterrestrial intelligence (ETI) since the recognition of the possibility of detecting ETI
signals by Cocconi and Morrison2 four decades ago. Some argue that information in an
extraterrestrial signal could not attack a terrestrial computer because the computer logic
and code is idiosyncratic and constitutes an impenetrable firewall. Suggestions are given
on how to probe these arguments. Measures for decontaminating SETI signals are
proposed. The need for modification of the SETI detection protocol3 is suggested.

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Subject: Re: Is SETI dangerous?

> --- Aleksei Riikonen <> wrote:
> > Otherwise, having been hit with an ancient Singularity Wavefront is
> > essentially equivalent to living in a simulation. Like, the question
> > of "Why is there nasty stuff going on?" is answered with "Either the
> > intelligences running the show don't care, or then there actually
> > isn't nasty stuff going on; you are just given that false impression."
> > The false impression could in practice mean e.g. that every individual
> > is seamlessly uploaded right before they would have a life experience
> > they would not approve of in retrospect, and replaced with a
> > philosophical zombie.
> Or it might be that the false impression is because we are a product of
> evolution. Evolution requires death, but also favors organisms that fear
> death.
> If the universe is a simulation, then you don't die because the simulation
> could always be repeated to recover your memories. In this sense, you have
> already been uploaded to a higher intelligence. However, this intelligence,
> of which you are a part, would not view your death as you do. It is not good
> or bad, just a step in an optimization process.
> -- Matt Mahoney,

Посетите мой Живой Журнал - и узнайте то, что я думаю прямо сейчас - и ещё то, что хотел сказать вам, но не успел :)

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