Re: Simulation argument in the NY Times

From: Byrne Hobart (
Date: Wed Aug 15 2007 - 09:50:35 MDT

> It is quite frankly much more likely that outside the box they have
> created a simulation that is significantly different from their own
> "universe" than one that is similar.

And if there is a similarity, it's going to be the kind that the Simulator
(and probably the simulations) isn't aware of -- which is pretty annoying
when we're trying to figure it out.

If I had to guess, just based on how humans design video games, I would say
that the most certain judgment you can make about them is that they aren't
nihilists: they like picking goals and pursuing them, so everything in their
fake-world wants to do stuff and tries to do it. The only video game I can
think of that doesn't fit the pattern does so intentionally:

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