Re: Fundamental Genetic Algorithm

Date: Thu Sep 14 2006 - 15:39:46 MDT

>From the description of Tierra:

“The Tierra C source code creates a virtual computer and its Darwinian operating system, whose architecture has been designed in such a way that the executable machine codes are evolvable. This means that the machine code can be mutated (by flipping bits at random) or recombined (by swapping segments of code between algorithms), and the resulting code remains functional enough of the time for natural (or presumably artificial) selection to be able to improve the code over time.”

This project is based off of assumptions of how our own evolution works. The recombining and swapping of ‘genes’ did not exist in the original primordial ooze. The only thing that existed was the introduction of randomness via added energy like lightning. Eventually RNA and DNA where created and the whole swapping thing started to happen. It was a result of the prior evolution, not a base condition.

I think this type of bias on our own evolution needs to be eliminated for anything ‘real’ to happen. Just because that scheme worked with for our one instance organic chemistry evolution does not make it either necessary or sufficient.

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