Re: Fundamental Genetic Algorithm

Date: Thu Sep 14 2006 - 15:29:00 MDT

---- David Picon Alvarez <> wrote:
> You want to look at Tierra, Primordial Soup, and possibly Corewars.

I remember reading about Corewars when I was a child programming in a game called Binary Armageddon. Thanks for the key words I will do some searching on those.

> Basically things more or less analogous to what you propose have been tried,
> without the idea of food or such. In particular primordial soup can be
> initialized completely ex nihilo from a random buffer as you propose. In
> general what tends to happen is that you get a certain amount of evolution
> and then things get stuck, I suspect but cannot prove that the complexity
> which you can get from a system depends on the complexity of the substrate,
> and computer instructions have very low complexity compared to, say, organic
> chemistry.

I figured this type of thing had been tried or at least contemplated. It is a simple idea. I wonder if organic chemistry is really more complex then the x86 instruction set? I am not qualified to answer that. When things got ‘stuck’ they may have just needed more time or maybe more randomness inserted. If intelligence could be created in 4GB of x86 instructions then I think this has a possibility of working given enough time. If not then all current attempts at creating AI are in vain and we need to wait for quantum computers.

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