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Date: Tue Aug 08 2006 - 17:41:49 MDT

On 8/9/06, Philip Goetz <> wrote:
> I'm archiving a bunch of articles from the 1990s, and remembering how
> exciting that decade was. We had a lot of new ideas about AI
> architectures, such as situated activity, hybrid architectures,

>From the list of examples you cited, I'm pretty sure some of them were
from the 1980s or earlier. Or at least they were concieved/invented before
the 1990s but only came into popularity then.

> I could list a lot of things from the 1980s, also. But I can't think
> of much that was kicked off in this decade that's as exciting as any
> of the things I just mentioned from the 1990s. Support vector
> machines? Blogs? Web services? Greasemonkey? Micropayments?
> Outsourcing? That's all I can think of at the moment. Am I getting
> old? Am I out of the loop? What's going on out there? I can't even
> think of any new movements in science fiction from the 2000s.

As little as buzzwords mean, "Web 2.0" is the big new thing, along with AJAX.
Community-based sites and linking services between web applications etc.

Firefox 1.0 was released in 2004.

Local Telecommunications companies in NZ are going to using one connection for
net/tv/phone before 2010. Don't know about overseas (you guys probably already
have it).

Admittedly these are not particular special events. Just gradual
ho-hum advancement.

(BTW Support vector machines were 1990s)

> There are some exciting things in other fields - genome sequencing
> (developed in the 1990s), RNA interference, gene therapy (largely
> 1990s also), microarray protein expression analysis - but I can't
> think of much in AI/comp sci/math that excites me lately.

Privatised space field has had some interesting events:
SpaceShipOne wins X-prize 2004
Virgin Intergalactic was founded 2004
4Frontiers Corporation was founded 2005

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