Re: Singularitarian demographics

From: Joel Pitt (
Date: Mon Aug 07 2006 - 21:38:32 MDT

On 8/8/06, M T <> wrote:
> People have started stating their field of work in this thread, but this is more like an expanded handshake than a demographic. Since this "club" is quite ecclectic indeed, maybe it *would* indeed be interesting to gather some statistics. Since statistics are never usefull until you have gathered them, I really don't know the possible gains. If somone has a knack for statistics and the quriosity, maybe he could request a PM with the prefered field of work and get some proper results. Otherwise this thread is frivolous. Not saying there's something wrong with that but most people in this list would probably think it is.

I'm happy to collect statistics, and it might be slightly more
meaningful than the stupid tickle IQ test scores that I collected.
I'll try and come up with some field categories and appropriate
questions. If you've got any suggestions for questions or categories
then let me know off-list.
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