Re: Google wins

From: Richard Loosemore (
Date: Wed Aug 02 2006 - 07:48:55 MDT

Shane Legg wrote:
> I don't remember exactly where I saw this (as it was some months ago,
> possibly on an internet pod cast from some conference) but I remember
> Norvig being asked if he thought significant advances in AI were around
> the corner and whether Google was working on more advanced things
> than computational linguistics etc. His answer was that he didn't expect
> to see advanced AI any time soon, and that there were a few very small
> projects in the company where people were playing around with more
> ambitious AI technologies, but that it certainly wasn't a focus for the
> company. At the time I took that to mean that some people were playing
> around with some cool AI ideas during their 20% free time to work on
> their own projects.
> Shane
If I were Norvig - having written the book that he did, and if I
genuinely believed that this book was a summary of the best approach to
AI - I would also be pessimistic about future advances in the field.

Also, if I were Norvig, and if Google had a massive Skunkworks project
to build the first AGI, I would *also* say what he said. :-)

Richard Loosmore.

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