Re: Google wins

From: Mike Dougherty (
Date: Mon Jul 31 2006 - 17:00:14 MDT

I expect that at some point the interface between us and the content stream
will be translating our thoughts into an abstraction and the reader's
interface/agent will translate from the abstraction back to a thought the
reader is more likely to understand. My agent learns the assumptions about
context that I do not have time for and encodes them into the abstract
automatically. Your agent can parse the abstract into a context that you
have but we would not otherwise already share. I believe this is a great
application for the pre-singularity AI that is currently evolving. Perhaps
those agents will become the distributed nodes of a global intelligence -
humans may remain necessary on to provide a slight chaotic influence in an
otherwise digitally perfect expression of the global mind.

On 7/31/06, Philip Goetz <> wrote:

> I'd be more interested in a collaboration between Google and text
> content providers, to insert XML annotations in their content that
> would tell Google's search engine something about what the content
> meant.

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