Re: the future god, light cones and free will

From: Charles D Hixson (
Date: Mon May 15 2006 - 21:25:31 MDT

micah glasser wrote:
> The "many worlds" interpretation is quite interesting, especially when
> applied to modal logic and metaphysics. However I don't think that a
> block universe and many worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics are
> necessarily incompatible. If we take the many worlds interpretation
> seriously then I think we must posit that every possibility is a
> necessity. In other words all branches of possibility for every
> space-time/quantum event is realized in some possible world. This
> means that if a world is possible then it is actual. So one might
> describe this super-verse as the actualization of all possibility
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Actually, I don't even think that you need the "many worlds"
interpretation for the philosophical equivalent to be true. Consider
the implications of the "sum over histories" approach. This essentially
means that all possible pasts of the current present are considered as
contributing to it, and, when predicting the future, you consider that
any particular future is reached along all of the possible paths from
here to there. With, of course, varying degrees of probability.

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