Re: Fun with Experimental Design [WAS: Re: The Conjunction Fallacy Fallacy]

From: Charles D Hixson (
Date: Sun May 07 2006 - 13:16:39 MDT

nuzz604 wrote:
> ...
> So you're saying that the Simulation Argument (counted around 46
> messages posted recently), Fermi Paradox (counted around 20 messages
> posted recently), and IQ Distributions are relevant? Let's not forget
> the countless number of futile posts I have seen about the Continuity
> of Consciousness. Anyone can declare anything relevant just to give
> themselves an excuse to bicker about it.
> Mark
People like to talk. Consider this question...and my bothering to respond.
Also, this list is called "sl4", which I believe stands for "shock level
4". That isn't the same as "IA builders list", or "Singularity
Evangelists". It's for discussing ideas that people find so outrageous
that they can't find anyone around to talk with about. How many people
do you know that would stand around contemplating the Fermi Paradox?
(Bet they ALL read science fiction!) But this also isn't about fiction.
Warning: I'm not a list moderator. I'm telling you MY opinion of what
the list is about, not the official word.

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