Re: The wisdom of AdWords

From: Mike Dougherty (
Date: Fri Feb 24 2006 - 19:20:28 MST

Synchronicity amuses me. I had this thought when i first joined the SL4

It seemed to me that the value of having Google read me mail would be to
have it summarize the threads for me and identify bullet points. I
currently have 35+ unread messages in some SL4 threads. It would be nice to
get the highlights and drill-down to insightful details. If the AI's
feedback were able to coordinate the subscribers' responses and use a
weighted average of replies, direct assessment and heuristics to determine
relevance to my passively evolving profile, I would be increasingly
confident that I'm getting only the top 1% quality of the content otherwise
overwhelmingly available. People have enough problem with Adwords, tell
them that Google is really reading their mail and they'll be even more
panicky about it. (despite the fact that every major provider is silently
profiling their users)

On 2/24/06, Philip Goetz <> wrote:
> I was reading an SL4 thread of dubious value, that had a high
> component of "mere philosophy" in it, in my Gmail, and I notice the
> Google Adwords ads chosen, according to the words in the thread:
> Sponsored Links
> Common Sense vs Evolution
> A frank essay showing some pitfalls of evolution using common sense
> Into Ken Wilber?
> See what happens when you put theory into practice. A True Story.
> Conscious Dreaming
> Dream consciously in just 7 days! New kit reveals all. Just $59.95
> So I stopped reading.
> Perhaps the stupidity of AdWords in evaluating my writing is more than
> made up for by its objectivity... Has anyone else ever had their
> evaluation of a subject's merit changed by AdWords?

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