JQ Test 1.0

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Date: Wed Jan 25 2006 - 18:00:22 MST

(Judgment Quotient)

Judgement Quotient Test 1.0

-These questions might seem... familiar :)
--First of all, how well does everyone score, second of all, did I get the
answers right? :-p

1. A random sample of 100 professionals was done. Seventy of those
interviewed were lawyers, and thirty of those interviewed were engineers.
Dick is a 30 year old man. He is married and has no children. A man of high
ability and high motivation, he promises to be quite sucesful in his field.
He is well liked by his colleagues.

a.What is the probability that Dick is a lawyer:
b.What is the probability that Dick is an engineer:

2. A certain town is served by two hospitals. In the larger hospital about
45 babies are born each day, and in the smaller hospital about 15 babies are
born each day. As you know, 50 percent of all babies born are boys. However,
the exact percentage may be higher or lower on any given day. For a period
of 1 year, each hospital kept a record of how many days more than 60% of the
babies born were boys.

Which hospital recorded more such days?
The larger hospital, or the smaller hospital, or the same (within 5 percent
of each other).

3. Given a coin is flipped 10 times, which sequence is more likely?

c. same

4. Given a coin is flipped 10 times

What would you guess your odds of hitting tails are next round?

5. Suppose there is some student who made A's and B's in 9th and 10th grade,
and straight A's in eleventh and twelth grade. Assuming that only 10% of
college freshman make straight A's their first
semester, what would you guess the probability is that this student makes
straight A's- greater or less than 50%?

6. Suppose there are two students, Bill and Bob.

Bill's first year record: A A C A C A C C
Bob's first year record: B B B B B B B B

Suppose you predict, for both Bill and Bob, that their average GPA for their
next year in college is a B. For which student are you more confident in
your prediction, Bill, Bob, or same?

7. Suppose there is some pilot in training who is practicing landing
procedures. The pilot has had a few poor landings, and a few good landings.
He just now completed what his trainer labeled an
"Excellent performance" on his most recent landing. Predict what his most
likely rating will be on his next landing:

a. Failure
b. Bad
c. Poor
d. Moderate
e. Good
f. Excellent
g. Outstanding

8. Suppose there is some student John. John is very disorganized, but
intelligent. He likes school, but dislikes his teachers, and doesn't have a
very active social life. John is good at math, and also good at writing, but
speaks poorly.

Which option is more likely:

a.John is a varsity lacrosse player.
b.John is both a lacrosse player and a computer science major.

9. Suppose that a group of 100 college student were surveyed. 95 of the
student were psychology
majors. 5 of the students were computer science majors. Suppose John is one
of the students
surveyed. Suppose John is a very technical person who enjoys detailed math
and is very anti-social.
Also, suppose John is enrolled in an introductory computer science class in
his freshman year in
college, and likes to play video games and read science fiction.

What is the probability that John is a computer science major- greater than
50% or less than 50%?

10. The average height of American college men is 175cm. Three files were
randomly drawn from a
college registrar's office: John, Mike, and Bob. Which outcome is more
likely with respect to the
heights of these three men?

A. John - 178cm
    Mike - 170cm
     Bob - 176 cm


B. John - 177cm
    Mike - 177 cm
     Bob - 177 cm\


1:a.70, b.30 ,2:smaller , 3: c, 4: 50/50 bet, 5:less than , 6: Bill, 7:poor
or moderate , 8:a , 9:less than , 10:B

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