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From: Thomas Buckner (
Date: Thu Jan 05 2006 - 05:09:02 MST

--- Phillip Huggan <> wrote:

> Maybe a trivial detail, but "all possible
> worlds" isn't really that much diversity. The
> vast majority of potential worlds will not give
> rise to three physical dimensions early on in
> their evolutions. In those that do, there
> won't be unicorns and leprechauns. Psi either
> will exist in some of them or it won't. The
> odds against psi occuring in some other
> universe if ours clearly does not demonstrate
> the physics for it (assuming it won't for the
> sake of this argument), are very high.

And so what if it did? I read a book once on
existentialist ethics (a far better and less
pretentious tome than it may sound, and I'm sorry
I can't recall title/author after so many years)
which contained the following statement (as near
as I can recall it):

"Even if we could read each other's minds, our
existential situation toward one another wouldn't
change one whit; it would in effect merely be one
more sense, which might or might not reflect

That's a good encapsulation of why most 'fringe
science' is deeply uninteresting; as for why even
some intelligent people can't quite let go,
consider that pigeon homing is still unexplained,
but they can definitely do it. Another more or
less well-attested 'weird ability' was Nauscopie:

Nobody knows how it worked, but if we trust the
historical record, it did. But so what? Getting
enhanced to have wide-spectrum vision like a
honeybee (ultraviolet) and a rattlesnake
(infrared) would be just as impressive, and that
seems doable.

Tom Buckner

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