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From: Mike Dougherty (
Date: Sun Jan 01 2006 - 17:07:12 MST

Suppose a system exists in multiple states (ex: psi observed & explained,
observed & not explained, not observed)
If that system is affected by each researcher that becomes entangled with
it, then why can't we say that the involvement of a skeptic actually
influences the results? Would anyone accept that the only way the research
is valid is if there are no "non-believers"? This is completely counter to
the scientific method of testing a theory. Maybe psi is inherently
undetectable using this methodology. Sailors used lodestones to determine
north-south bearing long before magnetism was proposed as the magic that
made them work. Perhaps psi has a mechanism that we have not been able to
determine. Perhaps it does not.

On 1/1/06, Phillip Huggan <> wrote:
> I don't believe in psi. I won't even consider it until a psi researcher
> learns some physics and postulates a psi-mechanism. I do believe in beating
> lotteries and I will say that basic lottery concepts such as the
> Risk-of-Ruin and house rake are not being respected in discussion here. It
> has been postulated psi can make one wealthy. How exactly? How is a psi
> researcher supposed to come up with the $200000 necessary to apply his
> "edge", as has been deliniated (bank loan?!)? I have had a great sports
> betting "system" for almost 15 years, along with learning the merits of
> card-counting, Vegas match play coupons, a bargain-bin LEAPS stock-options
> strategy... There is the detail that it takes money to make money so lack
> of billionaire status is no proof of the merit of any system.
> If psi exists via some unpostulated mind-target quantum interaction, its
> effect should be strongest on low mass t! argets (actually targets with low
> interaction rates with outside system influences). So forget lottery
> balls. Psi might be the only way to have some interaction with energy
> beyond a Hawking Singularity; possibly the only path to immortality.
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