no more lottery talk

From: Phillip Huggan (
Date: Sun Jan 01 2006 - 14:46:01 MST

I don't believe in psi. I won't even consider it until a psi researcher learns some physics and postulates a psi-mechanism. I do believe in beating lotteries and I will say that basic lottery concepts such as the Risk-of-Ruin and house rake are not being respected in discussion here. It has been postulated psi can make one wealthy. How exactly? How is a psi researcher supposed to come up with the $200000 necessary to apply his "edge", as has been deliniated (bank loan?!)? I have had a great sports betting "system" for almost 15 years, along with learning the merits of card-counting, Vegas match play coupons, a bargain-bin LEAPS stock-options strategy... There is the detail that it takes money to make money so lack of billionaire status is no proof of the merit of any system.
    If psi exists via some unpostulated mind-target quantum interaction, its effect should be strongest on low mass targets (actually targets with low interaction rates with outside system influences). So forget lottery balls. Psi might be the only way to have some interaction with energy beyond a Hawking Singularity; possibly the only path to immortality.

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