Re: physics of uploading minds. [poll???]

From: David Picon Alvarez (
Date: Mon Oct 31 2005 - 09:44:53 MST

From: "Olie Lamb" <>
> I don't want to weigh into the continuity debate, because that has
> enough difficulty without going into the Metaphysics arena.
> However, with people throwing back and forth "All true information is
> Physical information" "no it's not! There are a priori concepts /
> concepts qualia etc", I'm interested in polling the community-
> Who is a physicalist ("all info is physical info") and who is not? What
> are the others?

I think I don't fall well on your classification. I'd consider myself
something I will term physical-informational monist. Basically, I think
everything is information, including the physical world, and I also think
that all information exists in a strict sense of the word, in the structure
of the world. So truth has two modes of manifestation, informational
(Pythagoras' theorem) and physical (that hydrogen atom over there) but
essentially both modes are interchangeable, you could write the universe on
a turing tape, and any informational content that exists is somehow
underpinned by the physical structure of the universe.

I'm not very sure about this position, but it seems coherent.


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