Re: physics of uploading minds. [poll???]

From: Olie Lamb (
Date: Sun Oct 30 2005 - 23:26:11 MST

I don't want to weigh into the continuity debate, because that has
enough difficulty without going into the Metaphysics arena.

However, with people throwing back and forth "All true information is
Physical information" "no it's not! There are a priori concepts /
concepts qualia etc", I'm interested in polling the community-

Who is a physicalist ("all info is physical info") and who is not? What
are the others?

Who's a Dennet Zombie? Who thinks qualia have more substance than

THIS IS NOT A POLL YET; I would first like to establish the terms of the


Heartland wrote:

>> On Sun, 30 Oct 2005 "Heartland" <>
>>> Would you also agree that anything that exists in this
>>> universe must be measurable by space-time coordinates
>>> or otherwise it can't exist?
>> Certainly not! "Fast" exists, "green" exists, "sadness" exists, "eleven"
>> exists, and none of them have a unique time or place and calling them
>> space-time 4D coordinates will not help one little bit.
> All these concepts/perceptions exist exclusively as physical processes
> inside the brain's volume so they all are 4D objects. Obviously, you
> couldn't find a location of "green", but you could certainly find
> locations of instances of "green".
>>> my view is that mind and necessarily consciousness
>>> both exist *and* are perfectly tangible/measurable 4D objects.
>> Often we are not conscious of the time and often we are not conscious of
>> where we are, to say that consciousness exists in a certain spot but we
>> are just not conscious of it being there is gibberish.
>> John K Clark
> I didn't say it, though.
> The point is this. Assume you're conscious and know the 4D coordinates
> of your brain. Since consciousness cannot exist outside the volume of
> the brain and you know where that brain is, then you must also know
> the location of where consciousness happens which is exactly where the
> brain is.
> Slawomir

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