Re: physics of uploading minds.

From: Tomaz Kristan (
Date: Sun Oct 30 2005 - 08:18:54 MST

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Phillip Huggan wrote:

> The smallest pattern losses, or more accurately differences in
> chemical or quantum states, will propogate throughout the system
> very quickly and eliminate identity. Moravec transfers and
> flash-uploading are the same process, they must live or die by the
> sword, together.

How come then, that I don't lose my conscious identity, after I jump (drunk as drunk could be) two meters down in the mud, swallowing a bug there, asleep for several hours and then awake perfectly sober and with a little headache? The old good me still here!

How that this delicate quantum balance isn't spoiled? Especially when any attempt to upload, would destroy it on the spot?

 - Thomas

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