Re: physics of uploading minds.

From: fudley (
Date: Sat Oct 29 2005 - 08:29:53 MDT

On Fri, 28 Oct 2005 "Phillip Huggan" Wrote:

> One's personal identity cannot float around
> to any space-time coordinates it pleases.

Asking where consciousness exists is a little like asking when is green.
If it even has a meaningful answer Iíd say consciousness is where the
sense organs are focused on, or the place itís thinking about; Iím
certainly not conscious of being inside a dome made of bone.

> Uploading involves creating a mind emergent
> from a mental substrate consisting of energy
> and mass separate from the original.

In just the same way all your atoms now are different and separate from
the ones you had a year ago.

> your upload has a separate ontological existence.

You can trace the upload of Phillip Huggan back to the biological
Phillip Huggan in exactly the same way you can trace the Phillip Huggan
that exists now to the one that was around 5 seconds ago.

> A (single) person suffering from multiple
> personality disorder still has all of their
> "separate" personalities causally connected

I donít understand your point, your actions and mine are causally
connected, if it wasnít for me you wouldnít be reading this at this very

> within a single mind.

A mind is what a brain does, so there is no reason in principle why one
brain (or computer) couldnít run two minds.

John K Clark

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