Re: physics of uploading minds

From: Phillip Huggan (
Date: Fri Oct 28 2005 - 22:21:21 MDT

This is meaningless without specifying a physical description of your uploaded substrate and how it is achieved. One's personal identity cannot float around to any space-time coordinates it pleases. Uploading involves creating a mind emergent from a mental substrate consisting of energy and mass separate from the original. The abstract thought experiments equating identical patterns with identical identities are neat, but fall apart as soon as physics is invoked. In both scenarios below, your upload has a separate ontological existence.
A (single) person suffering from multiple personality disorder still has all of their "separate" personalities causally connected within a single mind. This is not true of your uploaded copy and human original, unless they are quantumly entangled somehow?

Tomaz Kristan <> wrote:
To be what is called "yourself", and to be what is called "the upload of yours" at the same time ... let say from today 12:00 until tomorrow 12:00 ...

Well this is indistinguishable from being "you" for 24 hours, THEN being "your upload" for another 24 hours. Or to switch among those situations every millisecond.

Indistinguishable from your first person experience, only something else happens each time.

This is the key point.

Imagine, that you'll have a MPD. What it is stored for Dr. Jekyll in the future, and what is stored for Mr. Hyde in the future - it is all stored for you.

Don't be distract with the fact that both copies are operational at the same time, occasionally. Upload and the old you.

- Thomas

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