Re: What Makes An Idea Viral? (Seth Godin)

From: Ralph Cerchione (
Date: Wed Sep 28 2005 - 14:47:18 MDT

"pdugan" <> wrote...

> Maybe SIAI's volunteering effort should include a symposium for
> novelists/scriptwriters/media artists ect. whose themes and aesthetics
> center
> around Singularitiarian ideas.
> Patrick Dugan

You know where this would really be effective? If you held a symposium on
Singularity art and fiction at one of the big transhumanist conferences. You
could probably get at least a couple well known SF novelists to participate
if you paid their way, and maybe a couple other people active in genres
where they'd experienced success in sharing these ideas -- basically film,
television, comics and of course journalism and non-fiction books. If you
put together a strong enough program and advertised it heavily in the right
quarters well ahead of time, you might get a significant participation of
both writers and enthusiasts who might help expand your "base" and help push
your ideas further.

Just a thought, but an intriguing one. Thanks, Patrick.


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