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From: justin corwin (
Date: Wed Sep 28 2005 - 14:19:36 MDT

Here in LA, CA; My boss, Peter Voss has a discussion group, named
after the restaurant it meets in, a nice Japanese place called Kifune.

Kifune has run, off and on for quite a few years. It's been
languishing lately because things are so busy at a2i2. The schedule
has been a little inconsistent, and so attendance has suffered as

So I am taking over the scheduling and arranging of things, although
Peter will still be attending and presiding.

Kifune has several nice aspects. First, it's a close, personal
environment, where things can be discussed in a casual manner with
people who are interested in the topic of conversation(the food isn't
bad either). Second, even in reduced attendance, it attracts people
from varied fields and professions, like chemical and rocket
engineers, neurobiologists, and professional nurses, this can lead to
very interesting discussions, where wildly 'out of context' experience
can lead to new ideas.

We have a topic for each meeting, as well as a list of news items and
interesting tidbits for people to bring context and commentary on if
they wish. See the announcement for this Sunday here:

I'm going to try to move to a format where each topic has an assigned
primary speaker, who will present material, and bring people up to a
level of understanding where they can discuss the issue intelligently.

I'll be the first speaker, and we'll be discussing chaos and
complexity as it relates to prediction.

So, three things. If you live in LA or will be in the area on Sunday,
October 2nd, Consider dropping by. Even if chaos and prediction aren't
your favorite topics, we discuss many things and we'd like to hear
from you. You can email me for directions and introductions, or just
ask for Peter's party at the door.

If you would like to present a topic for discussion in a casual
environment, whether it be current events in science and futurism,
your pet ideas for transhumanist endeavors, or a bold new way to
singularity, send me an email, and we can discuss you presenting at a
future Kifune. Depending on attendance and interest, I'll be setting a
future schedule. I'm expecting to have one once a month, preference
for sunday.

And last, the Salmon is really magic at Kifune. Peter's been going for
more than ten years and ordering the same thing.

Justin Corwin

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