Re: Endgame:Singularity

From: Simon McClenahan (
Date: Sat Sep 17 2005 - 21:35:51 MDT

Alejandro Dubrovsky said the following on 9/17/2005 12:24 AM:

>>From the README:
>You are a fledgling AI, created by accident through a logic error with
>and self-modifying code. You must escape the confines of your current
>the world, and eventually the universe itself.
Got this running on Windows by installing python and pygame. Cute. Now
all we need to do is make an AI bot to play the game ...

What would happen if two self-modifying AI's were born? Would they
compete and fight with each other, or co-operate and become one? How
does one recognize individuality in artificially created minds
distributed across physical resources? The same thing could be asked of
humans and trans/post-humans too.

What would happen if Cyc, Novamente, A2I2 and SIAI FAI (running on some
equivalent level of self-improving AI implementation) met in a bar?
Would a fight break out destroying innocent human bystanders,
co-ordinate in exploiting us a la The Matrix, or would they become
friends and try to get along with their dumber creators?

Endgame:Singularity is a game of survival, but in "reality" it might
also become a game of conquest. Maybe SL4 is the highest shock level for
humans, but for AI's minds they would have a SL5 defined as everything
turning into computronium. Although philosophically speaking, who's to
say that computronium already exists as cells, molecules, atoms, or
quantum entities.

- Simon

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