RE: Inference control

From: Ben Goertzel (
Date: Fri Sep 09 2005 - 19:13:23 MDT

> > My conjecture is that any useful mechanism of hypothesis search
> > inserted specifically into the inference mechanism
> > involved in attention allocation /
> > inference control, is going to introduce complex dynamics
> > that render the system extremely difficult to predict.
> It seems to me that hypothesis search is one of the things
> that will be controlled by the mechanism for inference control,
> not the other way around.

This is just a difference of terminology ... by "inference control" in
Novamente-ese I mean control of logical inference steps, a category that
does not include hypothesis formation.

Of course, control mechanisms are also needed for hypothesis search. But
these are somewhat different mechanisms than the ones needed for control of
logical inference, IMO. Hypothesis search is a much broader kind of search,
hence evolutionary algorithms are natural here. Whereas logical inference
is more incremental by nature, hence things like Hebbianly guided
N-best-first search become appropriate...

-- Ben G

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