RE: Inference control

From: Phil Goetz (
Date: Fri Sep 09 2005 - 18:32:32 MDT

--- Ben Goertzel <> wrote:

> Among the many probabilistic inference problems facing an intelligent
> system is one particularly critical problem: the problem of
> attention allocation.
> That is: the problem of what to pay attention to at a given point in
> time.
> And, one particular aspect of this problem is the problem of
> "inference control" -- i.e., of the many different paths an
> inference system may take from any given knowledge base,
> given its set of inference rules, it must
> choose a small subset of these paths to actually pursue,
> given its resource limitations.

> Inference control and other attention allocation problems are easily
> formulated as probabilistic inference problems -- and they are not
> easy ones. To solve these probabilistic inference problems
> effectively in nontrivial situations requires a robust
> hypothesis formation approach.
> My conjecture is that any useful mechanism of hypothesis search
> inserted specifically into the inference mechanism
> involved in attention allocation /
> inference control, is going to introduce complex dynamics
> that render the system extremely difficult to predict.

It seems to me that hypothesis search is one of the things
that will be controlled by the mechanism for inference control,
not the other way around.

- Phil

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