Evolution vs. design

From: Phil Goetz (philgoetz@yahoo.com)
Date: Thu Sep 08 2005 - 13:36:12 MDT

>From Eliezer's LOGI document:

"Thus, the ontogeny of an AI need not recapitulate human phylogeny.
Because evolution cannot stumble across grand supersystem designs until
the subsystems have evolved for other reasons, the phylogeny of the
human line is characterized by development from very complex
non-general intelligence to very complex general intelligence through
the layered accretion of adaptive complexity lying within successive
levels of organization. In contrast, a deliberately designed AI is
likely to begin as a set of subsystems in a relatively primitive and
undeveloped state, but nonetheless already designed to form a
functioning supersystem."

Is this a reasonable statement? Don't humans design complex
systems in the same way Eli just described as the way
evolution works - accreting, combining, and improving components?

- Phil

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