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From: Ben Goertzel (
Date: Wed Sep 07 2005 - 08:22:56 MDT

> I say all this mindful of the fact that there are some radical projects
> going on at the moment. I have looked at these, and from what I see,
> the teams, though briliant, do not know anything about psychology. I
> have no reason to be optimistic about those efforts.
> Richard Loosemore

Hi Richard,

As it happens, I'm leading an AGI research/engineering project (Novamente),
and I do know something about psychology, having published a few psych
papers and having been a Research Fellow in a psych department for a few
years in the mid-1990's (at the University of Western Australia).

However, I don't agree with your point that making AGI work would require

> a serious revolution in the
> art of software tool building.

I agree that such a revolution would make things a lot easier, but not
that it's necessary.

And I would be very reluctant to shift my team's focus from AGI to

The amount of resources focused on AGI within the Novamente project is
already small enough right now (about 2.5 FTE), to introduce tool-building
work in parallel would basically bring the project to a standstill...

IMO current tools are awkward but not unworkable for AGI engineering

-- Ben

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