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From: J. Andrew Rogers (
Date: Wed Aug 31 2005 - 13:12:40 MDT

On 8/31/05 4:59 AM, "Ben Goertzel" <> wrote:
> The poll found that 42 percent of respondents held strict creationist views,
> agreeing that "living things have existed in their present form since the
> beginning of time."
> In contrast, 48 percent said they believed that humans had evolved over
> time. But of those, 18 percent said that evolution was "guided by a supreme
> being," and 26 percent said that evolution occurred through natural
> selection. In all, 64 percent said they were open to the idea of teaching
> creationism in addition to evolution, while 38 percent favored replacing
> evolution with creationism.

The real point to this is that for the vast majority of the population,
their belief in 'evolution' is as irrational as their belief in
'creationism'. Just about everybody is making a guess based on what their
friends and family believe, not because they have a frickin' clue one way or
the other. In neither case is such belief constructive.

J. Andrew Rogers

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