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Date: Fri Aug 19 2005 - 09:58:06 MDT

Re. Eliezer's post - Good catch!

G - Developmental psychology
H - Evolutionary biology (relevant to any discussion
     of morality)
I - Information theory (necessary for anyone who wants to
     phrase ethics in terms of complexity and entropy,
     as well as optimization and decision-making)

> >
> > Those to whom the term "edge of chaos" is not just
> something they learned from James Gleick.
> I'm not part of community C and I maintain an extreme
> skepticism of its popular philosophy, as opposed to
> particular successful technical
> applications, for reasons given in "A Technical
> Explanation of Technical Explanation".

I think that dynamical systems theory approaches to
cognition make good use of many of the concepts from
"community C". Scott Kelso makes good use of bifurcations
between stable states to explain locomotion pattern
generators. Walter Freeman explains the advantages
of chaotic vs. periodic and point attractors as memory

> I've stayed up 36 hours in a row, twelve levels deep in a
> debugger, hunting a
> mysterious stack smasher in a C++ application with at
> least 200 source files,
> which I did write myself. Close enough. Long live
> Python!

Perl! Perl, I say! Edited with VIM, on a VT100!

- Phil Goetz

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