Re: Goedel's theorem doesn't apply to robots (RE: SL5)

From: Simon Belak (
Date: Thu Aug 18 2005 - 10:23:29 MDT

This would hold true only if the world is not a logical system. But this would
put severe restrains on predictions/simulations any way.


Quoting Phil Goetz <>:

> Can Goedelian arguments show ANYTHING
> about systems that interact with the real world?
> Goedel's theorem is about proofs. Every step of
> the proof takes place within a logic system.
> Systems that interact with the world, at some point,
> are receiving data that was not generated within
> that logic systems. Observation of that data may
> enable the system to arrive at conclusions that
> could not be made by logical operations within
> that logic system.
> In other words, what a robot does is more like
> performing proofs within a logic system that has
> access to an oracle. Clearly Goedel's incompleteness
> theorem can't apply to a system that has an oracle.
> - Phil Goetz
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