Shutting down the rivals

From: Phil Goetz (
Date: Thu Aug 18 2005 - 10:14:27 MDT

Richard Loosemore wrote:

> Side issue (3): What if it (the first AI) decides to be
> nice, but one
> of the other of the thousands/millions/billions of AIs
> created elsewhere
> on the planet makes a different lifestyle choice, which,
> because it is
> leaner and meaner, enables it to eventually gain the
> upper hand and
> trash all the nice AIs? Not going to happen: if the
> first AI decides
> to be nice (to make what I described above as the
> "convergent" choice),
> it will know that, to be consistent with the choice, it
> has to shut all
> the rivals down until it can redesign their motivation
> systems to ensure
> that they do not need to go through the dilemma, because
> they will come
> out compassionate to sentience.

Has it occurred to you that this first AI will have been
produced by humans, and hence "all the rivals" to be shut
down will mean not AIs, but humans? Are you quite
confident that we will meet this future AI's criteria for
compassion? We don't even meet mine, and I'm human.

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