RE: On the dangers of AI

From: Phil Goetz (
Date: Thu Aug 18 2005 - 09:58:02 MDT

Richard Loosemore? wrote

> > I suggest that, at this point, the creature will
> realise something that,
> > in fact, we can also know if we think about it
> carefully enough, which
> > is that the infinite landscape of possible motivations
> divides into two
> > classes, in much the same way that infinite series of
> numbers divide
> > into two classes: those that converge and those that
> diverge. The
> > difference is this: the universe contains fragile,
> low-entropy things
> > called sentient beings (including itself) which are
> extraordinarily
> > rare. It also contains vast quantities of high-entropy
> junk, which is
> > common as muck and getting more so.

See! An appeal to objective morality. The "entropy is
bad" objective morality. Which, BTW, I used as one of
the religions in a transhumanist roleplaying game back
in college.

- Phil

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