RE: The return of the revenge of qualia, part VI.

From: Ben Goertzel (
Date: Tue Jul 26 2005 - 11:52:24 MDT

> Ben Goertzel wrote:
> > I tend to think that if one builds a software program
> > with the right cognitive structures and dynamics
> > attached to it, the qualia will come along "for free".
> That may well be the case, however:
> 1. What level of modeling is necessary and sufficient to build a
> program with the "right cognitive structures and dynamics"?
> Of course, models are incomplete by definition, only capturing
> the relevant aspects of that which is being modeled. What are
> the relevant physical aspects of conscious awareness? Is it
> sufficient to model the brain at the level of neurons, atoms,
> quantum mechanics (e.g., Penrose-Hammeroff), or sub-quantum
> features of reality?

I don't think that we need to model the brain in any depth to create the
right cognitive structures and dynamics in an AI system.

> 2. How can we (or an AI) know, let alone prove, that a
> sufficient model for consciousness has been created? Can we
> define a "Turing Test" for qualia?

Ummm... drop acid in the presence of the AI and see if you get a
"telepathic" sense of its inner beingness??? ;-)

Seriously: no, there is no Turing Test for qualia, *if* my own theory of
qualia is correct. If qualia are part of a nonmeasurable domain of
existence then we can't test them scientifically.... ( But of course, my
view of qualia *could* be wrong, ... ; )


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